Introduction to Angular 2

Angular 2 is not a simple upgrade from angular 1. Angular 2 is completely rewritten, so it has lot of improvements when compared with Angular 1. Let’s look at a few of these improvements.

Introduction to Angular 2

What’s New in ANGULAR 2

Angular 2 Performance: From a performance standpoint, Angular 2 has faster initial loads, change detection, and improved rendering time. Not just performance, we also have improved modularity, Dependency injection and testability. According to angular conference meetup, Angular 2 is 5 times faster compared to AngularJS 1.
Angular 2 Mobile Support: Angular 1 was not built for mobile devices. It is possible to run Angular 1 on mobile but we will have to use other frameworks. Angular 2 on the other hand is designed from the ground up with mobile support. Mobile device features and limitations like touch interfaces, limited screen real estate, and mobile hardware have all been considered in Angular 2. So with Angular 2 we can build a single application that works across mobile and desktop devices.
Component Based Development : Component based web development is the future of web development. In Angular 2, “everything is a component”. Components are the building blocks of an Angular application. The advantage of the component-based approach is that, it facilitates greater code reuse. From unit testing standpoint, the use of components make Angular2 more testable. We will discuss what a component is and how to build components with examples in detail, in our upcoming videos.

More language choices : There are several languages that we can use to develop Angular applications. To name a few, we have

1. ECMAScript 5
2. ECMAScript 6 (also called ES 2015)
3. TypeScript etc.

Besides these 3 languages we can also use Dart, PureScript, Elm, etc, but among all these, TypeScript is the most popular language. Angular 2 itself, is built using TypeScript. TypeScript has great support of ECMAScript 6 standard.

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